• "GSPL 500 TMT BARS" क्यों की... हम बनाते है आपके सपनो के घर को मजबूत...

    We Give you 10 Reason to Choose World's Best & Reliable Gold Standard Brand "GSPL TMT Bars" For your Valuable Construction Project...

    1) World’s Best Quality TMT @ Very Reasonable and Affordable Price.
    3) Superb Quality Raw Material used in the manufacturing process of GSPL TMT Bars
    2) GSPL TMT is made up of with latest and unique technology & Machinery.
    5) GSPL TMT Bar’s has the same elasticity to bent as desired shape.
    4) Uniform & Very Rigid Ribs Structure of GSPL TMT bars Fit’s Tightly and firmly with concrete mixture .
    6) GSPL TMT bar is Fire Retardant power up to 600 degree Celsius.
    8) Thermex technology in GSPL TMT Bars does not produce course carbide which does not cause corrosion.
    7) GSPL TMT bars has high degree flexibility so it’s very suitable for earthquake prone area.
    9) GSPL TMT Bars cost 15 to20% less for single job compared to other TMT Bars Hence 15 to 20% Economic impact is there .
    10) GSPL TMT Always available as fresh steel.


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